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Since 2007, hand wired in the Pacific Northwest. Classic circuits that have stood the test of time, built the way they were back in the glory days of tube amps and

Rock N Roll.

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2019 Amplifier Lineup

All Rola amps are hand built in the USA using the best parts on the market such as Mercury Magnetics iron, Sozo caps, Belton sockets, Cliff jacks and more.  

Each project is custom ordered, requires a 50% deposit and takes about 6 weeks.  You pick the tolex, plate and piping colors.  Comes with custom slip cover.

Shipping in the lower 48 is $100 and international is $225.


Hit the PayPal button to get your amp started. 

Contact 253-380-0564 or rolaamps@gmail.com for questions.

Bass 200 Head - $2995

200 watt, 715 volt, all tube thunder machine.  

Four KT88’s with custom wound Merc iron.  

One of the last hand wired bass amps on the planet.  2/4/8 ohm speaker out.

Click here for demo video.

Lead 100 Head - $2395

Perfect two channel amp from blues to flame throwing metal.  

Foot switchable and ready to do it all.  Two KT88’s in the power section and a 100/50 watt switch. 

Click here for demo video.

Balch 100 Head - $2395

The Bob Balch signature gut-punch amplifier.  

Ever wanted a hand wired JCM800 with all the best parts?  Here it is.  Fu Manchu approved.  

Two KT88 output with a 100/50 half power switch.

Click here for demo video.

Reverb 50 Combo - $2595

This is the amp for your Americana fix.  Creamback speaker and tube/tank reverb.

Click here for demo video.

Stage 10 Combo - $1595

Killer single-end combo for blues to punk.  Recording and gigging never sounded better.  This amp does it all just right. 

Eminence speaker.

Click here for demo video.




Since 2007, Rola and Union Jack has been a family biz sharing our passion for live music and the people who make it!

Ask any serious guitar player and they'll tell you a vacuum tube amplifier is the only way to go. The rich tone and soft clipping of a tube can't really be reproduced by a transistor. No two amps are exactly the same. The nuances of each tube actually become part of the music and the art. Plus, the music most guitar players grew up on was recorded with tube amps. You want "that sound" and "that tone"; you need "that amp".

"The thing that makes a tube amp so perfect for guitar is its imperfection."

- Derek Springer, Chief Solder Sniffer, Rola/UJA


Greater Settle Tacoma Area

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